Work Groups

Data & Resource


This group collects and reviews youth survey and public data to help select priority youth outcomes and priority risk and protective factors. 

They identify current community services that address the priority risk and protective factors, identify service delivery gaps and recommend solutions. 

Data & Resource also designs and oversees monitoring and evaluation of the programs and policies as well as monitors changes in community-level outcomes over time.

Public Relations & Community Board Maintenance


PR & Community Board Maintenance builds and sustains a healthy and effective coalition.


They are responsible for involving stakeholders, promoting CTC, and educating and updating Key Leaders and community about the work being done.

PR & CB Maintenance does everything from making welcome packets for new members to maintaining the CTC FB page.



The Funding Work Group identifies funding needs and manages the acquisition of public and private funds to support the action plan programs, policies, and practices.

This group puts the "Fun" back in fundraising. They try to come up with new and exciting ways to raise money. 

Our funding group could use your help! We are so small, we are currently working with PR & CB Maintenance. If you think this is a good fit for you, please consider joining! 

Community Needs & Youth Involvement


This group recruits youth and adults for all aspects of the CTC effort. Community Needs and Youth Involvement strives to find meaningful opportunities, skills and training for youth and adults involved.

This group strives to use Social Development Strategy and pro-social involvement when working with youth.

Suicide Prevention Work Group in Collaboration with the Task Force


This group addresses mental health and suicide with the end goal of lowering youth suicide rates in the community. Focuses include raising awareness, reducing stigma, and linking those at risk to resources.

Thanks to funding from the Suicide Prevention Task Force, it is a goal to bring Sources of Strength (SOS) to county schools.